Why do we always put off seeing the sights that are local?!

16 Sep

When I first moved to Boston I was so excited about all the great places that were easily accessible and within a couple of hours away. I was going to go whale watching, take a cruise for a hike on the harbor islands, take the commuter rail to the beach for a picnic, walk around the campus at Harvard and dream about how different life woulda, coulda been had I gone…

I have done exactly none of these things.

Being from the west coast, I was excited to be so near NYC and Cape Cod and Nantucket. As the ultimate beach lover, I couldn’t wait to spend weekends exploring every nook and cranny of the coast, digging my toes into sand and ambling through cute beach towns.

I’ve made it to NY a couple of times, and have spent a few weekends at the beach, but I’ve also been to San Fransisco, Houston, and made several trips to Florida within the same number of years.

Really – why do we always put off seeing the places that are close to us?!

Well if you live nearby and just never got around to going, or you want to come to New England and see what all the “leaf peeping” fuss is about, now’s the time! The blasting heat of summer is over and it won’t be long before we’re complaining about the snow; pack a bag and enjoy a relaxing and picturesque day.

Leaf Peeping Tour with The Inn At St Botolph, available in September and October.

  • Overnight accommodations for two in a luxurious suite of your choice, including continental breakfast.
  • Bottle of bubbly and handmade chocolate truffles on arrival.
  • Two adult tickets for a one day Fall Foliage Bus Tour, with stops for photos, lunch and visiting an apple orchard.
  • Disposable camera and 2 Nantucket lemonades for the road.

Find out more and get peeping!


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